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We have one of the oldest and most prominent history of nickel trading business in India and laid down our first steppingstone in import business with Nickel metal.

About MTI’s Nickel

We source best quality and desired form of Nickel Anodes from around the world to serve our customers with Three Ms :

Maximum Nickel Content

We certify purity of more than 99.95%

Minimum Sludge

We certify Carbon content of less than 0.001%

Minimum Impurities

We certify Lead, Manganese, Cobalt, and Iron to be less than 10 ppm

How We Do Nickel

We architect and add value to the process of procuring and supplying by following the Four S’s

Sourcing Countries

Canada, Switzerland, France, Norway, Japan, Finland, Russia


Uncut and cut cathodes, chips, rounds, crowns, and pellets

Serving Industry

Electroplating and Casting

Nickel in Numbers - 2021