• Copper Sulphate

  • Copper Sulphate

We engaged meticulously with our customers to understand their prolonged problems of impurities and dust in the copper plating solution, which led us to design and develop world standard Copper Sulphate.

About MTI’s Copper Sulphate

We are committed to troubleshoot copper plating problems by standardizing.

Maximum Copper Purity

We certify minimum Copper Content of 25.4%

Negligible dust level

We certify that the copper sulphate solution passes through multiple filtration processes.

Minimum impurities

We certify chloride, iron, chromium, nickel, and lead to be less than 5 ppm

How We Do Copper Sulphate

We architect and add value to the process of manufacturing and supplying Copper Sulphate by following the Three S’s

Sourcing Country



Crystals, Granules

Serving Industry

Electroplating, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture

Copper Sulphate in Numbers - 2021



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