Culture at MTI

At MTI we laughy, cry, celebrate and work together. We strongly believe in respecting and supporting each other all the time. We aspire to be a company that employees will stay by and call their own with pride. We always make sure to take the time to celebrate each other’s wins. In sales, it’s obvious that closing a big deal means bringing in money for the company. But other teams have different measures of success and we are careful to recognize those too and that includes personal accomplishments. Building a strong company culture is also about maintaining a good balance between rules and flexibility. It is important to give employees freedom and ownership over their work. At the same time, you also need to provide a minimum guideline and constant support to make sure that everyone stays on track.

Work at MTI

We are committed to architect the journey of all our employees. We at MTI motivate their morale, take care of their health and boost their professional and mental capability. We do this via:

Rewards and Recognition

Various incentive base plans are formulated for each department to credit those who are giving more than 100 percentage.

Training and Development

Numerous training and counselling sessions are conducted as and when required so their learning continuous for future endeavors.

Medical Plans

Different Insurance Policies are in place to protect them from the overburden of medical expenses.