Nickel Plating Chips™ (CDN)

Nickel Plating Chips™ are a high purity form of nickel specifically designed for electroplating with titanium anode baskets. Chips™ are produced by a unique carbonyl gas refining process at the Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery in Sudbury, Canada. The controlled and consistent purity of Chips™ and the advantages associated with its distinctive shape make this product attractive for general purpose plating with titanium anode baskets:

  • Carbonyl refining produces the purest form of nickel available
  • Unique shape prevents the formation of bridges and voids in the basket
  • Settles uniformly in basket, ensuring uniform current density and high quality deposits
  • Flows easily into regular baskets with standard mesh sizes
  • Safe to handle (no sharp edges)
  • Dissolves at 100% anode efficiency in common nickel plating solutions (containing chlorides)
  • Proven and trusted by the world’s leading electroplaters

Dissolution produces a small amount of metallic residue which can be contained using cloth anode bags.

Chips™ are produced in compliance with the following ISO standards: ISO 9001:2008.

Typical Specifications

  • Disc-shaped pieces of nickel
  • Diameter: approximately 17 - 25 mm
  • Thickness: approximately 4 - 5 mm

Packing Density

  • Approximately 5.0 g/cm3 of basket capacity


  • 10 kg bags, 5 bags per box, 20 boxes per pallet (1,000 kg net weight)
  • 250 kg steel drums, 4 drums per pallet
  • 2 tonne bulk bags

Chemical Analysis (wt %)

  • Ni* >99.90
  • Co < 0.00002
  • Cu < 0.00004
  • C < 0.007
  • Fe < 0.0006
  • S < 0.0001
  • Pb < 0.000002
  • Zn < 0.00002

*Nickel determined by difference.